Anonymous: I would never date a girl who had her nipples pierced, it just shows how little they care about themselves. I am not misogynistic. I am a good guy who like his ladies to be pure and have self respect.




Fart noises

You’re awful and I hope nobody has to go through the displeasure of being in your company.

" I am not misogynistic. I am a good guy who like his ladies to be pure and have self respect."

I don’t think you understand what that word means dude.

"Why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means." - Inigo Montoya

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Anonymous: Why do you spend so much on jewelry for piercings?? It makes sense for an engagement ring or something but these are just piercings.




Okay, now I’m not sure if you mean, “Why don’t you just wear shitty Hot Topic jewelry?” Or if you mean, “Why is everything gold?”

a) Quality. I want everything that I am putting in/on my body to be safe for my body. I don’t ever want to worry about my body reacting poorly to something, so I don’t chance it.

b) A lot of lower quality jewelry just doesn’t look as nice, it’s obvious that it’s cheap. Okay, so when you go to the little kiosks in the mall or whatever, and you pay $10 for a externally threaded navel curve.. There is a reason it’s only ten dollars, and that is because it’s garbage. You get what you pay for.

c) I am a prissy little girl at heart. I want everything to match and to look like a princess. I think I’m doing a great job.

Bitch because I’m married to the game and I’m worth it.

*mic drop*

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